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What's Lathe?
The lathe is a machine that turning the spinning workplace by lathe tool. The lathe is mainly used for processing various rotary surfaces and the end surfaces of the rotating bodies, such as turning inside and outside the cylindrical surface, conical surface, ring groove and the formation of rotating surface, turning the end face and a variety of commonly used threads, equipped with process equipment can also be processed a variety of special shape. It can also do corresponding processing by drill, expanding drill, reamer, screw tap, screw die and knurling tool on the lathe. The lathe can process small, round parts.

Advantages of Lathe
Advantages: 1 High speed, high precision 2 High reliability 3 CAD design of CNC lathe 、modularize the structure and design 4 Functional recombination 5 Intelligence、networking、flexibility、integration 6 Easy to adjust the number of products when processing. It can realize miscellaneous pieces、many varieties and small batch production, meet the market demand for product diversification 7 The production mode of the lathe is made of rigid automatic production line, which is used to repeat the instructions of the high precision CNC lathe, and to refine the production line in a large quantity, so as to improve the productivity and ensure the quality of the products

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