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Our project managers at Leshine work with a range of product developers, product designers, entrepreneurs and engineers to help them make high-quality parts and products. Have a look at some examples of projects we have worked on and see how they were made. Projects use a range of services including plastic injection molding, 3D printing, pressure die casting, vacuum casting, CNC machining and more. If you’re working on a project with us and you would like our team to do a case study on your project, let us know!

Inspection And Quality

Date:2017-03-06 15:50

QC team.


At Leshine, We have a quality inspection team with over ten years experience, The Detection tools we have CMM,Quadratic Detection Instrument, Height gauge, Micrometer, Caliper,Needle Gauge and so on.


Leshine how to control the quality?

1.The type,color and quantity of materials shall be tested after purchase.

2.During the processing,the production staff shall check whether the tolerances

indicated in 2D drawings are qualified and the dimensions are qualified before the next procedure.

3.Confirm whether the appearance, structure and tolerance of the product after surface treatment are qualified before shipment



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